Laurah Norton

Series Creation § Writing § Deep, Archival, and Primary Research § Creative Nonfiction § Podcast & Audio Doc Host



Writer and academic with 20 years in the fields of literary fiction, creative nonfiction, and research.

Experienced podcast series creator and host with experience in serial and single-episode formats.

Work includes creation, writing, research, and hosting of THE FALL LINE, a show described as “deeply researched and empathetic”; tragic, disturbing, strong”; listeners will “find themselves running the emotional gamut” in a show “executed with passion and tenderness.”

Literary publications include fiction and creative nonfiction in journals and anthologies like Stone, River, Sky; Puerto del Sol; Post Road; Berkeley Review; Emerson Review; Creative Loafing; Failbetter; Fringe, and many more.



The Fall Line Podcast

The Fall Line’s   website

The Fall Line’s website

Begun as a passion project, THE FALL LINE has developed into a long-form series known for deep, primary research on cases with little-to-no media coverage, strong, complex narrative structures, and a unique style—part investigation, part creative nonfiction. There’s nothing in the true-crime space like it. THE FALL LINE showcases Norton’s ability to combine historical research, investigation, narrative, and multiple storylines.

She also works on sweeping cultural, historical, and current-events projects, with the flexibility to develop full series or single episodes on just about any topic—no matter how esoteric, underground, or under-explored.

Current development projects include full series on American cultural phenomenons, investigations into cold cases and unsolved serial killings, historical series, and a new kind of detective audio program that invites the listeners to participate.

With experience writing single and multiple-narrator series, conducting interviews, and comfort with field research and audio recording, Laurah Norton can participate in productions on multiple levels—writing, researching, creating, planning, and hosting.

Hear samples of The Fall Line—on Exactly Right Media— here.



The Fall Line is deeply researched and empathetic
— Vulture
Laurah Norton and Brooke Gently-Hargrove are leaving no stone unturned
— Atlanta Magazine
From the very first episode, listeners will find themselves running an emotional gauntlet.
— Vulture, "52 Great True-Crime Podcasts"


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